Da Bahia para o mundo: Enfermeira tem reconhecimento internacional

Reportagem saiu na Coluna Internacional da Folha de São Paulo para leitores de outros países em inglês. Veja:

In Bahia, Nurse Uses Donkey to Deliver Health Kits in Pandemic

The rugged terrain in the rural area of Boa Vista do Tupim (BA), in Chapada Diamantina, 352 km from Salvador, presents no obstacle for the work of nurse Monaliza Oliveira, 31. She counts on equines as allies in preventing the novel coronavirus by the town’s lumps.

According to the most recent bulletin from the Bahia State Health Department, released on Tuesday (16), Boa Vista do Tupim had registered only four confirmed cases among a population of just over 18 thousand inhabitants.

On the back of a donkey, horse or mule, the health professional manages to reach the most remote corners of the municipality, without the risk of being stuck in the puddles during the rainy season, as sometimes happens with some colleagues when using the vehicles of the local city hall.

A nurse for eight years, Monaliza travels almost an hour by car, from the family health post where she works at the town’s headquarters, to carry out preventive work in the Aliança settlement and in the Trezentas community, where she uses alternative transport.

Nurse Monaliza Oliveira Crédito: Monaliza Oliveira/arquivo pessoal

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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